Notation and Research

Use of the Federation’s Library and Archive is available to both members and nonmembers. The Library holds a certain amount of material which has been drafted into a suitable format and is readily available for issuing to enquirers. The Technical Officer can advise as to what the Library contains at any given time.The Archive contains the remainder. This can be material waiting to be properly drafted for issue to the Library, material not intended for general circulation but which is open for perusal, or material confidentially lodged for posterity. A video archive is held separately and copies of film for which MF holds the copyright can be supplied. Contact the Technical Officer for details of charges for Archive or Library use. Anyone wishing to search the Library or Archive personally should contact the Technical Officer in advance to make arrangements. For the video archive, contact the Secretary who can put you in touch with the current custodian. Research is encouraged at all levels into the background of morris dancing. As well as MF events, there are strong links with current researchers outside the Federation. An interest is maintained in all conferences and folk/dance research organisations.

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